20 Pretty DIY Fall Wreaths

It is my favorite time of year to add a big Fall Wreath to the front door! If you’re looking for inspiration…here is a collection of 20 DIY Fall Wreaths to get you started! Just like these Easy DIY Fall Decor Ideas, there are so many untraditional ways to create a wreath using different colors and textures.

Take some ideas from these Fall wreaths featured below or get inspired to create your own design! 

Fall is the perfect time to decorate the front of the house. Start with one of these creative Do It Yourself Fall Wreaths for the front door, add a few pots of mums and pumpkins and have a beautiful display to welcome guests! | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

The Easiest DIY Fall Wreaths

I love an easy craft project that I can display! Wreaths are a simple project that anyone can do in their free time – yes, even you! I found the easiest and most creative fall wreaths. Browse this list and find one that you want to make.

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How To Make Fall Wreaths

Making wreaths follow the same basic pattern, no matter which kind you make. In general, this is how to make fall wreaths.

  1. Decide Which Kind Of Fall Wreath – are you going to make a mesh wreath? Burlap?
  2. Gather Your Fall Wreath Supplies – make a plan about the colors and items you’ll use and get them all in one place.
  3. Build The Form – whether this means wrapping the base in burlap or fabric, start out with this step.
  4. Add A Fall Sign – not all wreaths need a sign, but many of them do. And you will need to build around the sign, so add it after the base layer.
  5. Decorate – Finally, add the leaves, flowers, bows and other decorations.
  6. Hang it up!

Fall Wreath Ideas

If you’re struggling with how to decorate a fall wreath, I have the perfect ideas for you!

The best way to get ideas is to look at the tutorials here and copy them. If you want to change them, then one tiny change can make a huge difference.

Use a different sign, attach mini pumpkins instead of apples, and change the base – these small things change how the wreath looks.

Ideas For Autumn Wreaths

There are a few common themes among autumn wreaths. It’s a way to capture the changes in nature and show them off in your decor.

Use red and orange leaves to celebrate the vibrant colors around you.

Harvest is another theme that you’ll see. Pumpkins and apples and corn – things that you’ll see at a local farm.

And finally, autumn is also a spooky season! Spiders, ravens, crows, witches, and black cats are all common spooky themes.

Do It Yourself Fall Wreaths

It's officially fall, which means it's time to start decorating your home for the season. Check out these easy and chic wreaths that you can make yourself using materials you probably already have lying around. Bring the autumnal spirit into your living space today!

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