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Welcome to Bargain Find Friday. Here is and easy and inexpensive centerpiece. I was able to use things I had around the house, but they would not be expensive to buy. These would be so easy to create for a ladies lunch or even a bridal shower.

Here is what I used…

Two vases the same shape that nest inside each other with about 1/2 inch of space between them.

Some pretty wire ribbon.

A silk or fake floral stem with multiple blooms.

A piece of oasis floral foam.

This is were my great bargain comes in. I bought this heart shaped box of rose soap petals at the Dollar Tree. This became my filler between the vases.

I placed the small vase inside the large then separated and flattened the rose petals. I gently pushed them between the vases as they wanted to break apart.

Wrap the ribbon around the vase and secure one of the blooms from the floral stem to the front. I just tucked mine behind the ribbon knot.

Add the oasis floral foam and make a simple arrangement with fresh flowers. Mine came from Costco. Of course don’t forget to add the water!

If you have a great bargain find please share it with us.

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Susan B

Susan B

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