Cool Spider Healthy Halloween Snacks For Parties

These Cool Spider Healthy Halloween Snacks make a great option over sweets for all Halloween activities. 

– Celery – Peanut Butter – Raisins – White Chocolate Candy Melts – Milk Chocolate Candy Melts

What’s Needed


– Cut celery into 3-4 inch pieces. – Spread the peanut butter onto each celery stick.

– Place 2-3 raisins on each piece of celery. – Melt candy melts  Spoon each melted chocolate into a sandwich size baggie and snip the corner very little.

– With the milk chocolate, draw on 3-4 legs on each side of the raisins. Then place 2 dots of white chocolate on the raisin for the eyes.

Make ahead of time for home parties or to serve for an afterschool snack…great for playdates too.