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Chocolate Chip S'mores Cookies

summer dessert

★ Tasty homemade summer dessert ★ Fun to make ★ Perfect for 4th of July & summer BBQs!

Why you'll love these:

What You'll Need:

★ flour ★ baking soda & salt ★ unsalted butter ★ white & light brown sugar ★ vanilla extract ★ eggs ★ semisweet chocolate chunks ★ regular-sized & mini marshmallows

For the chocolate ganache:

★ semisweet chocolate chips ★ heavy whipping cream

Whisk dry ingredients. Separately, cream butter, sugars & vanilla. Mix in eggs. Stir in dry ingredients.


Fold in chocolate chunks & mini marshmallows. Scoop onto a baking sheet & bake.


Melt chocolate chips with heavy whipping cream over a double boiler. Let cool & pipe onto cookies.


Add regular-size marshmallows to half of the cookies. Toast with a kitchen torch or oven broiler.


Sandwich cookies together & enjoy!


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