15 Pickled Vegetable Recipes For Canning

Here’s what to do with all those garden vegetables that you have! These pickled vegetable recipes are easy and taste amazing.

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Have you ever tried canning? Pickling vegetables is a really easy way to preserve all those veggies that you (or your family) grew in your garden. You can pickle just about everything.

Best Pickled Vegetable Recipes For Canning

Sweet Pickle Relish

The perfect balance of sweet and tangy. It tastes delicious on top of hamburgers. You can use your leftover cucumbers, onion, and red peppers in it.

Pickled Jalapenos

This method perfectly preserves them so that you can use them in salsa or on your favorite meat.

Pickled Eggplant

Surprisingly delicious! I had no idea you could even pickle eggplant. It makes it softer, but it doesn’t fall apart. You probably have everything you need in your kitchen already.

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