The Best 19 DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Ugly Christmas Sweater trend has gone from wearing authentic Christmas sweaters to creating the most outrageous sweater at the party. If you are feeling crafty, why not create your own?! Here are more than 15 DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters to inspire you to get crafting!

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party has become a HUGE trend and fun way to celebrate the holiday season!

Why are Christmas sweaters considered ugly?

We all loved our 80’s Christmas sweaters back in the day feeling very stylish! They began to make a comeback but instead of being fashionable, they were seen as funny or tacky.

The trend to show up in the old 80’s sweaters became a party theme all its own…the “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” was born!

Who knew they would make a comeback?

Let’s learn how to make homemade ugly Christmas sweaters!

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How do you make ugly sweaters light up?

It is easy to make your ugly sweater light up – purchase a small set of lights with a battery-operated power pack. Often these light packs come with 20 lights making them the perfect length to attach to an ugly Christmas sweater.

Consider attaching with hot glue or weaving in and out of the weave in the sweater. They could also be attached with a heavy-duty thread.

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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Supplies You Will Need:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Gift Tag

Do It Yourself Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Be creative and DIY an Ugly Christmas Sweater that is funny and fun to make. Let your imagination go crazy with Christmas decorations!

Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

 Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater for two

 Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater for two

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater With Lights

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater With Lights

Conflicted Faith Ugly Sweater

 Conflicted Faith Ugly Sweater

Christmas Tree ugly Sweater

 Christmas Tree Ugly Sweater

Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater






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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters you can make!

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  1. Hi Susan,

    i just found your site and am so much interested in the “Santa Climbing The Tree Ugly Sweater”
    Would you be able to provide tips and ideas on how I can have this done as I really wanna do that this year. I have two weekends before the competition at work


  2. These are fantastic! I love the idea of making your own because I hate the idea of spending very much money on something I’ll wear once a year!

  3. Haha! This was a lot of fun to read! Very creative! We never do the whole ugly sweater thing in our family. Folks are too concerned with trying to look “cute” Lol.

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