How To Fix A Separated Zipper

How to Fix a Separated Zipper – with this simple trick, using a common household product, it can be easy to repair a zipper with little effort!

Step 1 – I applied a decent amount of liquid dish soap to the longer side of the zipper, making sure the teeth were covered well and gave the zipper a good tug downwards.

Step 2 – It instantly slid the zipper pull to the bottom aligning both ends – a good start to saving the zipper!

Step 3 – Next, I turned the jacket inside out at the bottom and grabbed each side with both hands – thumbs on both sides of the zipper. I could not take a picture of that since I had a hand on the camera, but where my ring finger is was where my thumb from my right hand was placed.

Step 4 – I gave a few good tugs with my right hand holding the left hand steady and the zipper separated at the bottom!

Step 5 – Then rinse away any soap residue. I was so happy not to have to take apart the zipper and thrilled that I did not break it entirely.

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