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Glitter Spider Web Shoes

★ Perfect for a witch   costume ★ Easy to make ★ Glam & spooky!

Why you'll love these:

What You'll Need:

★ hot glue gun & glue   sticks ★ Mod Podge glue ★ glitter ★ ruler ★ pen or pencil ★ paper ★ non-stick foil ★ pair of old shoes

Sketch out a spider web on paper with a pen.


Trace the shape onto non-stick foil.


Trace the web with hot glue (over the foil). Let dry.


Paint Mod Podge glue on the spider web. Cover with glitter. Shake off once dry.


Paint Mod Podge glue on the bottom of each spider web. Attach to shoes & let dry.


★ Add plastic spiders

More ideas for decorating:

★ Glue on rhinestones

★ Drape fake spider   webbing on top

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