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Christmas Ice Lanterns

★ Perfect for  the holidays ★ Easy to make ★ Festive & show-stopping porch decor

Why you'll love these:

Supplies You'll Need:

★ 2-liter plastic soda bottle ★ 24-oz plastic bottle ★ masking tape ★ greenery (real or fake) ★ cranberries ★ battery-operated candle

For the Greenery:

★ I cut Boxwood greens from my yard, but you can use whatever you have (or fake greenery)!

Cut tops off plastic bottles. Fill 2L bottle with 1.5in water & freeze.


Place 24oz bottle in the center. Secure with masking tape. Add cranberries and greenery in the empty area.


Fill with water, leaving 1 inch of space at the top & freeze.


Use hot water or scissors to remove plastic bottles. Place a battery-operated candle in the center.


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