Unique Margarita Cocktails

Some margarita drink recipes are sweet, while others are a bit on the sour side. One thing is for certain – they’re all delicious in my book!

Everyone knows that a classic margarita can turn that frown upside down. Put some salt on the rim, and enjoy.

Where are my watermelon fans at? This sweet drink is my top choice during the summer months.

Yes, ginger beer makes an appearance in this simple margarita recipe – and even if you’re not a fan of beer, you’re going to be a fan of this one.

Frozen margaritas are what help everyone beat the heat of summer. Adding the pineapple flavor to this one is truly a delight.

If you’re in the South, you know that peaches can be eaten or be part of your drink selection for the day.

Save this one for a special occasion – it’s just that good!

There’s no doubt that this screams “Patriotic Margarita” to me, but you make it when you want.

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