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Felt Shamrock Craft

St. Patrick's Day

★ Perfect St. Patrick's Day craft ★ Adorable & festive ★ Great for kids!

Why you'll love these:

What You'll Need:

★ green & pink craft felt ★ googly eyes ★ glue-on pins or magnets ★ permanent marker ★ glue sticks or hot glue gun ★ scissors

Cut green felt in shamrock pattern (template in post linked below).


Cut circles out of pink felt. Glue on shamrocks.


Use glue sticks or hot glue to glue on googly eyes.


Draw a smile with marker. Glue a pin or magnet on the back.


Add a small pom pom for a "nose"

More ideas for decorating:

★ Glue on glitter or rhinestones

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