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Patriotic Frozen Yogurt Bites


★ Great for kids & adults ★ Easy to make ★ Fun Fourth of July dessert idea

Why you'll love these:

What You'll Need:

★ vanilla yogurt ★ granola ★ red, white, and blue candy melts ★ silicone star mold ★ squeeze bottles or sandwich bags

Mix a small amount of yogurt with the granola. Press 1 tsp of mixture into the molds.


Spoon yogurt on top. Place into freezer until solid, then remove from molds.


Melt candy melts in the microwave. Spoon into a sandwich bag with the corner cut off.


Drizzle red, white, and blue melted candy melts over the stars.


★ Add star sprinkles on top ★ Add crushed dried strawberries on top

More decoration ideas:

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