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Candy Bark

Fourth of July

★ Perfect 4th of July dessert ★ Quick & easy to make ★ Fun for kids

Why you'll love this:

What You'll Need:

★ red, white & blue candy melts ★ patriotic M&Ms and/or Skittles ★ star sprinkles ★ mini Oreos

Melt white candy melts. Pour onto sheet pan lined with wax paper & spread out.


Separately melt blue and red candy melts. Spoon into Ziploc bags.


Snip a small corner off each bag. Drizzle candy melts over white chocolate.


Use a skewer to create chevron patterns in the melted chocolate. Top with M&Ms, skittles & Oreos.


Let sit for 30 mins (or place in fridge) to harden, then break into pieces.


Use the same candy melts to make patriotic popcorn cups:

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