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DIY Fall Scarecrow Craft

★ Perfect for fall decor ★ Fun for kids ★ Great for fall centerpieces

Why you'll love this:

What You'll Need:

★ orange, maroon & gold   paint ★ paintbrushes ★ popsicle sticks (regular   & small size) ★ fall decorating leaves ★ black marker ★ craft googly eyes ★ gold glitter glue ★ hot glue gun & glue

Line up 7 popsicles sticks. Glue them in place using 2 shorter sticks for support.


Glue a long stick across the top of the front. Paint the top & bottom different colors.


Glue on eyes. Paint or draw a triangle-shaped nose and a smile.


Decorate the scarecrow's hat with leaves & gold glue.


★ Gold pipe cleaners

More ideas for decorating:

★ Glue on rhinestones

★ Add a name tag (for   gifting)

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