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Charcuterie Board

Christmas Tree

★ Perfect holiday   appetizer ★ Easy to customize ★ Features cheese, meat, nuts, spreads & more!

Why you'll love this:


★ 2 types of cheese ★ 2 types of cured meat ★ berries ★ olives ★ pistachios ★ fresh herbs ★ jam & honey ★ sliced cheese (for the star on top)

Place pistachios in the form of a tree trunk. Add 1 type of diced cheese as the base of your tree.


Add a smaller row of berries. Fold meat in quarters with toothpicks & add to board.


Add another layer of cheese, then olives, then meat, then cheese, then berries.


Use a cookie cutter to cut sliced cheese for top of tree. Place bowls of jam and honey, fresh herbs & crackers/bread.


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