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Jalapeno Corn Dip

spicy & cheesy

★ Great dip recipe for parties (& Cinco de Mayo!) ★ Packed with flavor & veggies  ★ Easy to make

Why you'll love this:


★ corn, bell peppers & jalapeno peppers ★ pickled jalapenos ★ green chili salsa ★ butter ★ cream cheese ★ shredded cheddar ★ paprika & cayenne pepper ★ cilantro (optional)

Cook butter & cream cheese in a saucepan over medium until smooth. Add chopped veggies.


Stir in paprika, cayenne pepper & green chili salsa. Stir in shredded cheese.


Scoop into a casserole dish. Top with more cheese & bake until bubbly.


Transfer into a smaller dish or ramekin & serve with tortilla chips.


★ use a different type of salsa

Recipe variations:

★ top with chopped cilantro or hot sauce

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