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Adorable Back to School Cupcakes for the kids. Great for as last day of school cupcakes as well. OHMY-CREATIVE.COM | back to school cupcakes recipes | apple cupcakes | back to school treats back to school cupcake ideas | end of school cupcakes #schoolcupcakes #schooldesserts #backtoschool #cupcakes #schooltreats
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Back To School Cupcakes


  • 8-10 Prepared Cupcakes White
  • 1 can White Frosting
  • 1 pkg. Yellow Licorice
  • 2 Airheads Candy pink and green
  • Pink Fruit Chews
  • 2 pcs. Black Licorice Ropes
  • Food Coloring pink, blue
  • Sucker sticks


  • 1. Frost each cupcake with white frosting.
  • 2. With remaining frosting, divide and put in 2 bowls. Color one pink and the other blue.
  • 3. Put each color into a plastic bag and cut a tiny corner off for piping. Pipe a pink line on the left edge and pipe 5 blue lines horizontal from the pink line. It will look like a piece of paper.
  • 4. For the pencils, cut about a 3-inch piece of yellow licorice. Cut a fruit chew in half and press one of the halves on the end of the licorice and mold to look like an eraser.
  • 5. Cut a short piece of black rope licorice and wrap around the pencil right below the eraser. Use a dab of frosting to attach the ends to the back.
  • 6. Poke the pencil down into the cupcake leaving the eraser end pointing up. If you need to for support, place a small piece of the sucker sticks into the cupcake behind the pencil.
  • 7. For the apples, roll a little piece of the Airheads candy into a shape of an apple. Cut a tiny piece of green Airhead candy and place on top the apple to resemble a leaf.
  • 8. Set the apple on the cupcake.
  • 9. Ready for a back to school party!