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Santa's Stuck in the Chimney Rice Krispie Bars - Perfect for Christmas parties or school treats! Rice Krispie Treats are always a big hit with the kids! | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM
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Santa’s Stuck In The Chimney Rice Krispie Bars


  • 6 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats
  • 1 cup Chocolate discs/melts milk chocolate/cocoa lite
  • ½ cup shredded Coconut
  • 12 mini marshmallows
  • SweetTarts soft & chewy ropes


  • Unwrap Rice Krispies Treats and lay on parchment paper.
  • Take a knife and cut out 2 holes on one end of a Rice Krispies Treat. Make the holes about the size of the candy ropes.
  • Cut candy ropes in about 2-inch pieces and set aside.
  • Pour chocolate discs in microwave safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Take out and stir. Continue to microwave at 30 seconds intervals until chocolate is melted.
  • Take a rice Krispie treat and dip in chocolate, make sure to coat all sides. Place on parchment paper.
  • On the end with the 2 holes, sprinkle coconut on the top and sides. Only go down about 1/3 way. (This is the snow on the top of the chimney).
  • Insert 2 ropes into the holes that you made earlier.
  • Repeat all steps until all 6 treats are made.
  • Stick in the refrigerator for a few minutes or until hardened.
  • When those are hardening take your mini marshmallows and dip just the ends in chocolate. Lay on parchment paper to dry.
  • When everything is hardened, you’re ready to add the boots.
  • Take your mini marshmallows and cut off just the very end of the non-chocolate side. Stick the side you just cut to the end of the rope. (These will be Santa's boots).