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3D Paper Tea Cup Template

★ Perfect treat boxes for teachers, kids & more! ★ Adorable & festive ★ Fill with candy, chocolate, tea bags, etc.

Why you'll love these:

What You'll Need:

★ card stock (plain or printed) ★ free tea cup template (find in post) ★ scissors ★ glue ★ goodies for filling the tea cups

Print free template on card stock. Cut out pieces along the solid grey lines.


Score and fold along the dotted lines. Glue on tea cup handles.


Glue the flaps together to build the tea cup shape.


Fold and glue the 'saucer' flaps together.


Secure tea cup to saucer with glue. Fill with desired goodies.


★ Write notes with Sharpie & add stickers

More ideas for decorating:

★ Paint with Mod   Podge & add glitter   or rhinestones

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