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Love Bug Cookies

Valentine's Day

★ Perfect Valentine's Day treat ★ Quick & easy to make ★ Fun for kids

Why you'll love these:


★ Nutter Butter cookies ★ pink candy melts ★ coconut oil ★ small candy eyes ★ heart-shaped sprinkles ★ Wilton royal icing transfer butterfly wings

Other Supplies You'll Need:

★ double boiler ★ cookie/baking sheet ★ parchment paper

Melt candy melts with coconut oil in a double boiler. Dip Nutter Butter cookies with a fork.


Place dipped Nutter Butters on a lined cookie sheet. Add candy eyes.


Add pink hearts for "antenna" and a red heart under the eyes for a "mouth".


Let harden. Then, use melted candy melts to attach candy wings.


★ add sparkling sugar or other sprinkles

Recipe variations:

★ use a different shaped cookie

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