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Glitter Pumpkin Place Cards

★ Perfect for autumn ★ Easy to make ★ Fun for holiday   parties!

Why you'll love these:

Supplies You'll Need:

★ small pumpkins ★ fine glitter ★ cream cardstock ★ pins with ball tops ★ glue ★ small paint brush

Dip pin heads in glue, then coat in glitter. Let dry.


Print name tags on cardstock. Use a small glass to trace a circle, then cut them out.


Use a paintbrush to coat pumpkin stems with glue. Dust with glitter.


Insert glitter-top pins through name tags into each pumpkin.


★ Fireplace/mantel decor

These can also be used for:

★ Fall wedding   centerpieces

★ Thanksgiving table   decor

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