Candy  Bar  Costume

These DIY Candy Bar Halloween Costumes will be a big hit for Halloween. Be “fun size” and “king size” with these sweet costumes your friends will love!


Snickers Costume: -Felt- 2 yards of red, white and blue felt. Crunch Costume:  -Felt- 2 yards of red and white felt plus 1 yard of yellow felt. Matching color thread, fabric glue, sharp scissors and a sewing machine will also be needed.

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Costume Sizing: I am 5 feet tall – my costume measured 25″ x 48″ and the Snickers Logo down the front was 41 inches. My husband is 6 feet tall – his costume is 34″ x 53″ and the Crunch logo down the front is 46 inches.

Detailed step by step instructions on how to assemble your candy bar couples costume are listed on my blog!

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