We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Birthday Party

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For her fifth birthday asked for a party themed around one of her favourite books: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

A bear hunt of course !
To make it more interesting I organized the hunt as a challenge with tasks to be completed.
Every task consisted in finding a hidden bear coin (they had to dig in the mud, search in the river paddling pool blindfolded…). When the children had been through all the tasks, they could go into the cave to discover their prize: soft animals to stuff and take home with them!

Dessert table
Since the party was originally going to be held outside, it seemed appropriate to have a picnic. That pretty much set the theme for the party table: a woodland picnic.
I wanted a lot of red gingham on the table and brown bears all over (with loads of chocolate treats !).
It also had to stay simple so everything could be transported outside.
However we had to decide on doing it inside at the last minute since it was raining on the morning of the party…

The children enjoyed chocolate cupcakes, marshmallow bears and chocolate milk and took home a piece of Bear Hunt chocolate cake !
The sweets were displayed on a DIY stand made of broken tree branches !