Superhero Birthday Party

I’m so excited to share my son’s 5th Birthday here. My son wanted a Superhero party like every other 5 year old out there. But, he also wanted to help mommy with his party planning. OH MY, how could I say no to those little cute brown eyes. He actually did most of the cut outs for the Sin City backdrop,where he did a fantastic job!!. He also helped me doing the Oreo Pops, and Jellos. I got to say that those little hands helped me a lot!!. We did a buffet table with lots of super treats like superhero sandwiches, power punch, super cupcakes, confetti popcorn, oreo cakesters dipped in sprinkles, and more….. I also did some homemade masks with cardstock paper and thin elastic for the kids to play. Those Superfriends had a blast!! I totally enjoyed doing this party with my SUPER BOY!!