Recylcled Sweater Gift Bags

Great way to bring a bottle of wine as hostess gift – handmade recycled sweaters gift bags.

I was able to recycle a few out-dated sweaters. Yes, these gift bags are made of sweater sleeves.
All you need is one or two old sweaters. I recommend using size small as the sleeves get larger near the arm opening. Even a larger child’s sweater would work if the sleeve is long enough.
Trims or ribbon
Tacky glue
Needle and thread

First, cut the sleeve off straight across at the bottom at the arm hole. Then turn the cuff over the sleeve.
Place the bottle in the sleeve to determine the exact length. Trim so there is about an inch overhang below the bottle. Remove the bottle and turn the sleeve inside out. Sew with a loop stitch closing the center. I left both ends open about an inch.
Turn sleeve to the right side tucking ends under the center stitched area. Sew in place. Use the Tacky Glue to attach trims or finish with a bow!