personel small coat-rack

Some years ago i had planned to make a small coat rack on the right hight just for me.
But later on it where some pecks just hanged on the wall.
In my new home i thought now i must make it more funny, so i thought go for it.

wood hooks
montage kit.
hama beads
glass stones
mini flat iron
wax or baking paper

step 1
First search for the things you have around your house that you will like to use.
I had alot of hama beads and in several colours and some glass gems, but insteade off beads you can use as well old jewelry and buttons.
be creative and have fun.

step 2
srew the pecks on the wood and add some dots of glue kit under need them.

step 3
Glue the gems where you wants them on the wood and the pecks
Glue the beads beside the gems and the pecks in a nice pattern on the wood , and let it dry.

step 4
If you have used hama beads you can make the surface smoother by iron them.
Use some small flat iron and small pieces of baking paper between the beads and the sool of the flat iron.
it will make your project much stronger and durable;-D

step 5
hang your project on the wall with your drill and use it.