Mocktail Mimosa

With many of us having an upcoming Easter Brunch or maybe a Bridal/Baby Shower, I thought this was a good time to share this little trick of mine. I do this most mornings to reduce the calories of my orange juice. I found that I liked the fizz and the slightly different taste of the juice.

Often times at a special occasion you will have a few people who don’t drink or maybe a “mom to be” who would still like to feel they are having a special and festive drink like the other guests.

Well, I think this is a perfect solution. I pour about 2/3 juice in a glass and top of with non-flavored seltzer water. It gives the drink plenty of fizz and adds a little different flavor. I really enjoy it and think it would make guest feel like they are celebrating with a special drink! Buy non-concentrated juice for the best taste!

Pick a few flowers from your garden and tie with a pretty ribbon to accent the glasses.