Mexican Fiesta Centerpiece

This is an easy and festive DIY centerpiece that can be as inexpensive as one dollar! How great would these be to make for a Summer Mexican Fiesta or the up coming Cinco De Mayo. This is even something you could get your kids to help with.

This is all you need…a few glass cylinders or vases and a multi colored pack of tissue paper from the dollar store. I already owned the glass vases so my only cost was the tissue paper…a dollar!

This is kind of like making paper snowflakes. After cutting the paper to size, I then folded it accordion style, trimmed the ends to points and cut triangle or circle shapes down the sides. I placed a few color bands of tissue behind the cut outs…layering the colors. I attached everything together using small dots of Tacky Glue.

To make fringe…
1. Accordion folded the paper, but instead of folding the last side back, I laid it flat securing it with small pieces of tape.
2. Then fold that last side over top the edge and the tape.
3. Trim all the edges of the one side. (not the edge with the tape)
4. Cut in equal strips without cutting to the folded edge. Leave about a quarter of an inch. Then fluff and crinkle a little and attach with small amount of glue.
5. Attach the one side of the tissue panel with a small amount of tape, then bring the other side around and attach with small dots of glue.

Add tea light candles and you have instant festive lighting for any Mexican Theme Party! Of course make sure that the candle flame can not come in contact with the tissue paper – you don’t want a fire.