Ice Cream Birthday Party

I wanted a theme that would be fun for all our little 3 year old guests and since my daughter loves ice cream, an ice cream parlour just made perfect sense !
I chose a vintage theme and based all the printables on an old English roses design in soft blues and pinks. Our little parlour was complete with doily wrapped waffle cones, pretty rose tubs, a choice of sprinkles and sauces, meringues, ice cream cake pops and of course the traditional chocolate flakes !
The children received play money in their lunch boxes so they could buy themselves some ice cream. This was a huge hit and they loved walking up to the parlour to place their orders !

We played traditional games of knock the cans over, pin the cherry on the ice cream and throw the bean bags. Prizes included mini chocolate ice creams. The little treat bags were displayed on a wire frame.
I made fabric flowers to embelish the lunch boxes and all the girls wore them during the party which was ever so cute !
At the end of the party, the children went home with a pot of homemade chocolate ice cream as favour.