Hamburger Cupcakes

No cookout is complete with out these little babies!

I made these cupcake for a cookout for my church, and I got such amazing compliments, they are in my regular routine of cupcakes!

For the Bun – Make your cupcakes (choose a flavor that is a light color). I make sure and cook them enough to where they brown on the top, adds a nice touch. Once completely cool, use a sharp knife and just cut them in half. I use a small scalloped edge cookie cutter on both pieces, just to make everything more uniform.

For the Cheese – I used fondant, and I have also used gumpaste. They don’t taste great, but they add the best effect of cheese. Color your fondant and roll it out to desired thickness. Instead of having a large square of fondant on each burger, I just cut tiny triangles and stick four on each burger, just enough to stick out. (You will be sticking them on with icing as glue)

For the Patty – I baked up a big pan of brownies! Yummy! Make up or buy a container of chocolate icing. Get a large bowl and crumble the brownies into it. Throw in a cup or so of chocolate icing and mix well. Lay out some wax paper, and start forming your patties.

For the ketchup and lettuce – Mix up a large bowl of buttercream. I use the Wilton Recipe. Split it in half and color one green and one red. Once you have your separate colors, bag them and start assembling your patty!

It will just take some trial and error as to how you want to design your burger, but now you have all your parts!

Good luck!