Halloween Black Crow Dessert Table

This is an easy DIY Halloween food table backdrop.

Using newspaper, branches from the yard, black spray paint and black crows…this is easy to make. You can find the black crows at most Dollar Trees around Halloween. Shop in September as they sell out fast!

I pieced together two presentation board that I bought at Joanne Fabrics. I attached a piece of heavy twine to the back to later hang the board on the wall. I then covered the board with newspaper.
I ventured into the woods to find a few branches (I found very creepy looking ones) to spray paint black. After they dried I attached them to the newspaper board with Gorilla Glue and let them dry overnight. The next day I used the newspaper, I sprayed the branches on, for an additional 3D effect. I crinkled the paper and attached it with tacky glue to the background. The crows had wire on their feet making it easy to attach them to the branches.