Father’s Day Golf Place Card

I created this simple DIY Father’s Day Place Card that will surly make any Dad feel special. This is fun for any guy who loves to spend his day “on the green.” I created two versions – one with an irregular shaped green.

Here is what you need.
-A piece of floral foam.
-A few pieces of grass printed scrapbook paper. Technically golf greens and tees have very short cut grass on them – Joann Fabrics has scrapbook paper that looks just perfect!
-Golf balls and golf tees.
-X-acto knife and scissors.
-Small round containers. I had these green votive candle holders, but it would also work with any small round container. I also tried it with the white Ramekins.
-Spray adhesive or glue.

I turned the containers over tracing the shape on the back of the paper. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside the container – wrap paper around the foam if needed.
Then cut them out with scissors. I cut an extra strip of the grass paper to wrap around the inside of the glass container to hide the floral foam.
Determine where you want to place your golf tee on your “golf green” and make a small X with the X-acto knife. This will allow the tee to go into the paper without tearing.
I printed out bands of color tags with names on them and cut them into flag shapes. I wrapped them around the tee after applying a little spray adhesive.

This would also be fun for any golf event or golf themed children’s party!