Easy Doggy Doorbell

Might look a little strange but this is our Doggy Doorbell!
We are training our little doggy Moose to push this with his nose when he needs to go out!
In our apartment, we have stairs inside that lead down to our front door. Unfortunately, if our puppy goes downstairs we don’t know! So we installed this little doorbell so he can press it and we hear it!

You will need –
Wireless Doorbell (We got ours from walmart)
Anything that would work as a button (We got a rubber tub stopper)
(Super glue)
Paint if you want

So it’s pretty easy to see, I painted up the doorbell and stopper and glued the stopper onto the doorbell so it would be easier for him to push! Be careful when using glue that you don’t glue the button down!