Chocolate Candy Cupcake Toppers

I made these adorable crab themed cupcakes using a crab ice cube tray I found at a dollar store. Great for any nautical or beach theme party! They were easy to make and so cute! When pressed for time, I find it easier to decorate store bought cupcakes.

I used red candy melts and a silicone ice cube tray.

Simply melt the candy melts in the microwave and spoon into the tray. Give the tray a shake to settle the chocolate in the mold. Then place the ice cube tray in the freezer. I left the trays in for a couple of hours, but they just need to be hardened. I then removed them from the freezer and let the ice cube trays warm to room temperature. Turn the tray over and the chocolates pop out – you may need to work it a little!

I kept the chocolate crabs in the refrigerator until I was ready to server the cupcakes. They became a little soft with the warm temperatures. A tube of Wilton black icing worked well for creating the eyes. Brown sugar, sprinkled on top of the icing, made perfect “sand.”