Button Earrings!

First attempt at trying out something different!

Need –
Glue Gun
Little bit of fabric
Two Buttons
Earring Hooks

So this is the perfect use for old buttons! Or just pretty buttons you see!
Step 1 – Cut your paperclips so that they are just loops. (these will be glued to the back of your earrings, loop side up, so that the earring hooks can loop through them) You will need 2.
Step 2 – Cut out a tiny bit of fabric (to cover up the botton of the paperclip)
Step 3 – Use the glue gun and glue the paperclip to the earring (just leave a little of the loop off the top, See picture)
Step 4 – Once cool, glue the fabric to the back of the earring, covering up the paperclip.
Step 5 – Attach the earring hook and you are done!