30 Awesome Graduation Party Desserts

It’s an exciting time in life to celebrate our children’s graduation! Celebrate with these creative 30 Graduation Party Desserts – the perfect graduation party food!

Also, check out this Ultimate Graduation Party Guide: Everything you need for more helpful information to planning a great grad party!

Graduation comes with so many mixed emotions…happy to see them accomplish so much and move on to the next chapter in their life and sad to see them leave home.

Create a spectacular graduation party dessert table by adding a few of these 30 Graduation Party Dessert Ideas | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM
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That said, I feel like the graduation celebration is for the graduate, but also a celebration for the parents. I was lucky; my daughter allowed me to plan her Daisy Graduation Party just the way I wanted including details like the DIY Daisy Cake! With her approval, of course!

A fun way to get creative is with desserts. Here are 30 Graduation Party Desserts for both the teen or those celebrating a preschool or elementary graduation as well! I love the idea of using cupcakes as a simple easy to eat dessert option, and there are so many fun ways to display them like with a cupcake tower.  See those desserts towards the bottom.

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Items you may need for the desserts

Graduation Party Desserts

Candy Dipped Marshmallow Diploma Pops

Candy-Dipped Marshmallow Diploma Pops  |  Wilton

It’s time to celebrate our little graduates as well! Make your child feel special and celebrate with these Preschool And Elementary Graduation Desserts!  Don’t forget to make sure you hang plenty of decorations like fun graduation hat decorations or even cool graduation banners so your youngsters feel like it is their special day!

Make your child feel special and celebrate with these Preschool And Elementary Graduation Desserts | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

Cute Graduation Cake Ideas!

Preschool Graduation Cake

Alphabet Cake  |  Cake Devils

Graduation School Book Cupcakes

Book Cupcakes  |  Catch My Party

Preschool Graduation Cake

Handprint Print Preschool Graduation Cake  

School Graduation Cupcakes With Apple

A+ Apple Elementary Cupcakes  |  Kara’s Party Ideas

Preschool Graduation Cupcakes

Preschool Graduation Cupcakes  |  The Little Delights in Life

School Graduation Cake

Chevron Rainbow School Party  |  Catch My Party

Ultimate Graduation Party Guide: Everything you need!

A colorful print banner with Graduation Party Guide text to plan the perfect graduation party!

More Graduation Party Ideas:

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