How To Fix A Sweater Snag

I love sweaters…most of us do, especially on these very cold winter days! But nothing can be more annoying or disheartening {if it’s new} than to get a big snag in your favorite sweater!

Hope you find this How To Fix a Sweater Snag tip helpful!

My daughter came to me the other day with a big multi strand snag in her sweater asking me to repair it for her. In the past, I have used needles, and other sharp objects to try to poke the yarn strand back into the other side. Sometimes this worked and sometimes it did not…and well, it gets frustrating! And you can never cut  sweater snag, or then you will have bigger problems – a big hole!

This works on fine gauge sweaters too! Read below for the quick fix!

How To Fix A Sweater Snag    OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

My secret weapon…tweezers!!

Turn the sweater inside out pushing the tweezers through the sweater as close as possible to the snag. Grab the yarn with the tweezers.

How To Fix A Sweater Snag    OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

Pull the strand through the back side of the sweater. Gently tug and readjust the sweater at the snag to even out the stitching. This does not remove the string completely as it will be now on the inside – who sees the inside!

How To Fix A Sweater Snag    OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

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  1. Hi Susan, I saw this at Pink When’s Sunday Showcase. SO happy I did! I just got a huge snag in a brand new sweater and was having the hardest time fixing it. I will try using tweezers now, thanks for sharing! :)

    • I know what you mean – I have struggled at fixing a sweater snag so many times. When I figured this out…I just had to share! A real light bulb moment!!

  2. Hi there, I’m stopping by from the Project Inspired Link Party. This is such a helpful tutorial! I can’t wait to give it a try on some of my sweaters and other knitted items with snags. I’m pinning it!

  3. Thanks for sharing – there is always a snag that needs fixed!!

  4. Clever and so simple! I was almost worried you were going to have me busting out the sewing kit. So happy to see it’s so easy to fix. Granted, my sweater collection is very small since I live in the tropics, but this will still come in handy. Pinning! Thanks, Susan.

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