Oreo Clock Pops – Celebrating 12 12 12 or New Year’s Eve

Oreo Clock Pops

These are fun Oreo Clock Pops I whipped up for a lunch today, celebrating 12 12 12. They also would be fun New Year's Clock Pops for a New Year's Eve Celebration! I know I made it sound like these took no time at all to make, but that was not the case. I tried to find the white chocolate dipped Oreos in the stores, but had no luck. Working with the white chocolate candy melts has always been a problem for me! I also had a hard time inserting the sticks without breaking the cookie. The good thing is I was able to make enough for my celebration! Supplies: Double Read More...

Evil Eye Cake Pops

Fun evil eye cake pops perfect for Halloween! Create a unique detail by using a fork instead of a pop stick! OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

Made these fun "Evil Eye" Cake Pops last night for a Halloween party! I thought they turned out pretty cute so I'm sharing them. Fun presentation using a fork, in place of a stick, to eat the cake pop! There are lots of ways to make cake pops these day...I use a cake pop pan and cook them in the oven in place of crumbling a cake and mixing in icing to make the cake ball. One helpful tip is to make the cake balls one day and decorate another - they are time consuming! I actually had mine in the freezer. With them in a more solid form, the cake ball, was more secure when Read More...

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