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    How-to make a Halloween pumpkin using recycled vintage chenille fabric. These little cuties are nice for the powder room, sit sweet on a table, and look great lined up on a mantel or staircase!
    To make: I cut five strips of fabric each 22inches long and 4.5 inches wide. I placed fabric strips right side down. The first two criss cross like an “X” pattern. Then the last three filling in to make more of an asterisk pattern.
    Next, I placed a roll of toilet tissue on top, and added some poly fill around the tissue roll.
    Then, starting with strip closest to the roll, I pulled strips up and tucked into center of the tissue paper roll, and continued tucking next strip closest, until all were tucked.
    If you don’t like shape, simply undo and relayer or add more poly fill.
    You can machine stitch the seems on the strips, but after making two without sewing seems, I realized you can’t even tell the difference!
    The stem is cut from a fallen tree branch.
    Happy Halloween Crafting!