Gold Spray-Painted Glass Christmas Decoration

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Tis the Holiday Season, and I am excited to be back contributing here at Oh My! Creative!  This is Mindi, by the way, and I blog over at MyLove2Create.

I love to have reminders around my home this time of year that focus on the true meaning of Christmas, so this craft was inspired to help us remember.

Gold Painted Christmas Frame - MyLove2Create

I am loving it!!  I have always been a “silver” fan but “gold” has been growing on me lately and so I decided to try it out, and I am so happy I did!

MyLove2Create, Gold spray-painted glass

If you were to visit my house this would be the first thing you see as you walk through the door, perfect for Christmas.

This is a very simple project and I made if from stuff I had around the house, so it was free!  I started with an old frame that I haven’t used in years.

MyLove2Create, Gold spray-painted glass

I took off the backing and removed the glass.  Then I washed the frame and started spray painting it gold.  A friend that was moving away a few years ago gave me several boxes of craft supplies that she was getting rid of, and I was the lucky one to inherit them, this gold spray paint was inside, sweet!

For the next part, I washed the glass that goes in the frame.  I choose a phrase from one of my favorite hymns, Silent Night.

MyLove2Create, Gold spray-painted glass

After I designed it on my computer, I used contact paper to cut it out on my Cricut. Then I placed it on the glass, and sprayed away.  I quickly brought it inside and carefully pulled off the contact paper, snapping it away from the paint on the glass.  I only had a few spots to touch up, which is normal.

If you don’t have a cutting machine you can use letter stickers on the glass and then spray it, it would be the opposite of mine, all the glass but the letters would be painted, which would be very cool too!

MyLove2Create, Gold spray-painted glass

To re-attach the glass I bent the cheap tabs until they popped off, then I used hot glue and stuck the glass back in the frame.  Super easy!

MyLove2Create, Gold spray-painted glass

To hang it I choose some pretty gold trimmed ribbon that I made into a simple bow (easy tutorial found here), and hot glued it onto the frame. (Can you see I decided to scrape off the excess paint from the back of the frame too? It was not necessary, but it made me feel better =)

Gold Painted Christmas Frame - MyLove2Create

I just used a nail in the wall to hang it on, it isn’t heavy at all.

Gold Painted Christmas Frame - MyLove2Create

I suppose you could put a back on the glass, but I like how it is “see through”.

MyLove2Create, Gold spray-painted glass

The gold really sparkles in the sunlight, which is making me smile.

MyLove2Create, Gold spray-painted glass

So what do you think?  Do you have any old frames you want to make pretty again?  The ideas are limitless for this type of project!  It would be really nice with your child’s name, to hang in their room, or even just a simple graphic would be awesome…it makes me want to do more!

Feel free to come and visit me at MyLove2Create for lots of other thrifty projects!  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



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Hi, I’m Susan! Welcome to Oh My! Creative. Here I Create Share and hopefully Inspire! I like to have fun, make fun know, create stuff! I love all things DIY, decorating and design and like any and lunch!

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  1. Beautiful project Mindi! I love how your frame turned out. Gotta love spray paint!

  2. great project love how this turned out definitely pinning for future ref

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